About me

About Me

I'm bbdare, but you knew that already. I'm often very private on the internet, and you won't find me sharing too much about my personal life here. I will, however, often post about my various interests here, and things that I enjoy sharing with other people~

Once this site's more settled, you'll often find me posting about whatever my main interest at the time is, though I'll also often post about various technology and privacy-related topics, as they're things very important to me. I try not to be your typical Techbro(tm) kind of person, so don't expect the usual posting of that sort from me at least :P

You'll find me running a heavily modified installation of void linux, as shown by this terrifyingly cursed neofetch screen (pictured below).

An output of neofetch, with the ASCII logo replaced with UwU

Aside from my rampant techposting from time to time, you'll find me posting mostly about whatever interest I'm sticking to at any given moment. Sometimes it's random games like Minecraft or Toontown Rewritten, sometimes it'll be me spending hours tuning a site or my system to a new theme, but mostly just whatever I find neat that I want to share.

This site actually started as mostly a simple project of mine, just for learning HTML in terms of accessibility, good practice, and not being buried in a mess of fade-ins and "Modern" designs. It mostly came about as a mix of a certain look I've been trying to achieve lately to only some success, and wanting to make a site sort of styled after the mid-90s "wild west" of UI design that I absolutely love at times.

Since accessibility is a focus, I try to ensure the best practices I can manage for ensuring this site is fully functional with screen-readers and is well-contrasted and spaced for ease of readability. If there's any suggestions you have about the page, feel free to suggest them! (Once I add a contact option to the site...)

About Me; General Last Edited: 2020-02-26

Obviously I do have a general interest in a few things, so I might as well list them here too~

  • Messing around with old and new tech, linux, windows, whatever.
  • Creating cool and usually impractical programs and applications (coming soon to a files page near you).
  • Whatever games I'm currently spending way too much time on (currently hl1 and minecraft).
  • Doing things with computers, software, and webpages that they were definitely not made for.

There's definitely more, but that's all that really comes to mind right now.

About Me; Interests Last Edited: 2020-02-26
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