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This is where you can find info on my attempts at creating a somewhat simple personal conlang, and learning new things as I do so. For those who are new to the concept, a conlang is short for "constructed language", and roughly covers the idea of creating a new language artificially. Most of the content on this page will be about my current main conlang project, Nezuran, however I may sometimes post other things as well.

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Nezuran is actually my first attempt at a personal conlang, and so far can best be described as "throwing ideas at it and seeing what sounds right". I began work on it after my own struggles in learning various languages, and being interested in the idea of creating my own and becoming more familiar with a lot of the details which make up a language.

It attempts to mix a few various ideas I've seen across languages which seem likely to interface well, and generally follows a more synthetic style so far, with at least the beginnings of an agglutinative system in place.

Regrettably, as you may notice, its style and general construction tend to approach a system similar to established languages such as japanese, which I try to avoid, however certain language features seem to make their way into this regardless :P

Writing System

Nezuran carries a somewhat basic writing system, which can best be described as somewhere between an abugida and a syllabary, taking elements from both. While it technically does carry a text character for each syllable, each character is constructed using a "container" vowel, which is further modified by a number of consonant symbols.

A chart laying out the visual writing system of nezuran, along with the respective transliteration.

Note that each character is pronounced and more or less accurately transliterated as expected, by placing the corresponding vowel after the attached consonant sound, if present. (almost) Each character present can have its sound changed by placing the modifier (that character in the bottom left) below it, altering its consonant sound to the corresponding one. Of course, much of this is in flux, and it's entirely possible sounds and placements may change entirely, such as the possibility of there eventually being a corresponding modifier to the "Y" consonant, as it is currently the exception.

Unfortunately, due to the absolute pain that would be creating a custom font and implementing it as a resource downloaded on page load, all actual samples of Nezuran through this page will generally be in their transliterated/romanized form.


The consonant and vowel inventories of Nezuran are nothing too special, though it's always subject to change in the future.

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