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Links To Various Files And Directories

All files are free for download, many of which are things that weren't easy to find and so I rehost here. Last Edited: 2020-02-16


Here's where you can find all the various files and directories we've collected over the years. We do the best we can to thoroughly document and include descriptions of everything in there, and try to make sure things are as accessible as possible.

Feel free to search around and see what you can find! The Software directory holds the bulk of our content, holding everything from a 15 GB+ archive of thousands of DOS games, to a collection of 15,000 archived midis from the early 2000s.

For anyone who needs it, we also make sure to supply some of the most obscure, hard-to-locate software and drivers we've found, and hope that we can make that search that much easier for anyone else looking.

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