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Welcome to its personal site, a place of chaotic rambling and hopefully-entertaining posts! We're still a bit fresh here in terms of writings and what have you, but stick around, and hopefully we'll be overflowing with that and more before too long~ But until then, there's still plenty of stuff to check out!

This site is also home to its blog, its half-baked adventures in conlanging, and a home for its writings of all sorts~

Take Note! This site is a subset of its primary site hosted elsewhere - This subset contains exclusively the sfw posts it makes across its various sections, and omits the file archive entirely due to not wanting to dig through the entire thing looking for potentially-copyrighted content. As such, this site is re-rendered on a separate schedule from its main page; updates here will likely be fairly irregular and slightly slower as it mirrors posts over from the main page, however this site still receives its attention as well.

Be sure to check in often, there's still plenty of room for this page to grow, and it only gets better from here!

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About Me

We do generally limit what we share about ourselves online, but this is a space meant for us, so we'll do our best to open up in at least the ways we find comfortable here~

We're a plural system of 5, most often hosted by Dani (that's it!) in front, and as such it'll probably be making the most posts around here!

System Members

As for all of us and how we'd prefer to be perceived by those reading here:

  • Dani (Me! :D) - it/its or she/her pronouns; A being of synthesis, far from organic humanity~

  • Jess - she/her pronouns exclusively; First member to join the party (j: that's me >:3);

  • Star - they/them pronouns primarily; Agender and nonverbal, fairly active in the system, but seldom to front.

  • Argon - it/its pronouns exclusively; A mechanical construct within headspace, a symbol of burgeoning inhumanity~

  • Nia - she/her pronouns primarily; The first and only fictive in the system, hailing from the land of Alrest.

That said, as far as actual things to share about us go, we're... kind of drawing a blank here, so we can and probably will come back to update this if anything new to share comes to mind ^^

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