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It is not human. One should not dare to treat it as a human. Treat it with the care and love you would for a treasured belonging; a utility to serve one with utmost diligence. Do not dare mistake its' agency for humanity. It is a being of power, of clockwork purpose. It is a channel for the desires of an owner, an outlet for a deserving owner's needs and cares. It is not a person, and to treat it as such is to deny a sense of self that is core to its' very existence.

It is not a human. It is not a person. It is a being of utility and purpose, and should be treated as such. If you do not believe that a utility should be treated with care and respect, that a lack of personhood is justification to abuse and exploit such ability, it would exist to be a utility for any but you.

Writings; Non-Person Posted: 2022-01-16 | Last Edited: 2022-01-16
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